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01. Oxytocin
There's two kinds of love. One's a folding bending chain, fills receptors in your brain, but breaks apart and flows away through your vescicles and blood, all the other bits of waste, through your liver and your gut out of you and down the drain. But there's another kind of love, it's the kind of love that stays. Takes alot of work to make love that makes it through the day.

02. Rainbow
It rained tonight, now I'm looking for a rainbow that I won't find, it's much too dark to see. And the sun won't rise, it's sleeping on a pillow that's soft and white and far away from me. I talked to you tonight, didn't hear what you were sayin'. Running through my mind was a girl I'll never know. She only comes at night, when my dreams are always playing. She holds me tight, she'll never let me go.

03. Intro To Dry

04. Dry
You left me dry, well that ain't no surprise. I could hear it in your sighs, I could see it in your eyes. So where do we go? Doesn't anybody know? I watch your frustration grow 'til you finally let it go. So here we are, on a quiet open farm. We lay beneath the stars in each other's arms. There's no going back, all those days are gone, all those days are past. They disappeared so fast. Start out young and idiotic, end up burnt out and robotic. Gotta fill those empty pockets with a job. Watch all the rock stars drink and mingle, brag about their latest singles, sing their lonely little jingles to the crowd.

05. Happy
I ain't on no forward path, I keep slippin', slippin' backwards. Time moves on, I'm sleepin' in the past. Woke up coughin', gettin' fat, losin' hair and all of that. My dreams my futures slippin' through the cracks. I ain't left my happy home, no I ain't ventured alone, no, I won't leave my little comfort zone. I walk out and lie alot, think all those things that I ain't got, midlife crisis waitin' round the block.

06. New Year's
Like the smile wrinkled from memory's remains, or hope of rain and losing in pain. We march on through this bloody coup and I'm not looking for a love. Deep inside of your breast, your treasure chest, wait for you to say yes. wait for you to say yes, for you to say yes. And when you do, don't be afraid of thoughts of failure and doom. We march on through, hoping for a clue, what's it gonna do? I'm not lookin' for your love to back me up now.

07. At Times A Nightmare
A darling, she was like a dream. But time's a nightmare, dark and mean. Like when I had her, when I really had her, should've offered her a ring. While we played our little games and rolled around in the bed, I didn't notice all the rainclouds forming above her head. One last weekend with the friends. Never wanted this to end. Sunday morning, it was back to the morning, it was back into the pain again. When I'm happy, how I long to hear those sad, lonely songs. When I'm sinking, it takes all I've got to hold on. Oh my broken little friend, wheels won't stop movin', fallin' out of love again. Oh, what are we doin'? Is this taking time apart? Is this goodbye or a start? I would never any touch of first addiction to all the young ignorin' skirts that I've been missin'. They don't compare to the love we used to share with such care.

08. Cellos

09. Simple Song
It's okay that you're confused. Don't need an exit now from you. Just wanna start with somethin' new. Don't wanna crowd or smother you. Just wanna take things day by day. Just wanna make you feel okay. Don't wanna throw this all away. Don't want our love to be in pain. I wanna show you love's not gone. I wanna sing you simple songs. I wana simply drift along to sleep. I don't mean to cause a scene. Don't need an exit now from you. Push me away and think things through. Don't wanna crowd or smother you. Just wanna tell you I still love you.

10. December Ghost
There's nothing left to say to you, broken honey moon. There's nothing left to try. Oh, as our hearts part ways, do you share my vein? lost in our great big brains is some sense of things. Do you remember our last dance? We kissed and I proposed. But you held on to your sweet hands. Cold December ghost, let's hold each other. We'll meet again. Tried to soften the farewell blow. We said goodbye so many times. That's the time I think of most.

11. Piano

12. Caroline
Hands from the sky graced Caroline's mind to smooth out the wrinkles and paint her a smile. Flowers from spring that grew tall and green fill her with love and break under her feet. Caroline, that innocent day's in your eye, lost in peaceful times we hoped to find. Memories swirl through Caroline's world, like tears of a mother through eyes of a girl, moistening her skin, wrinkling her grin, covering her body all brittle and spent. Caroline, I've wasted so much of my time lost inside her soft brown eyes. Her feeling's high, the tears much too swolen to cry. Oh Caroline, our memory's fine. Fall, fall, fall away. Disappear. All will dissapate - even you, my dear.

13. Instruments

14. Sweet Dreams
Sweet dreams to you, my little baby brother. It's time to take the world off of your chest. Just leave it be until you wake tomorrow, when maybe it won't seem like such a mess. Remember all the day's we wasted fighting that brought us to this silent lonely place? It taught us to hold on to our laughter, our memories that can never be erased. Sweet dreams to you my little baby brother. Take this song wherever you may go. It may not be the song of a mother, but it's all you need to find your way back home. I used to think that we all lived forever, but that was yesterday. Today I'm not so sure. Be still tonight and if you die tomorrow, may angels lift your soul out of this world.
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