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State of Le Brett, 2/8/07

State of Le Brett, 2/8/07:
Being my current state of mind, as well as the summary of what I've learned in the past year.

1. I am more content now than I have been in years.
2. The last time I had fewer FRIEND friends than now is probably middle school, or possibly earlier.
3. I'm worried about my career.
4. I'm closer to being ready to create an album now than I ever have been, but have begun wondering if I will be content with just creating it, while questioning whether anything else could possibly happen with it.
5. I worry a little bit that, being relatively happy, I have less to say.
6. I'm realizing that my mom and I are very, very similar.
7. I've realized that I make friends easily, but make very little effort to hold onto them.
8. I've lost track of finding new music, and only semi-miss it, which scares me a little.
9. I kinda like lots of girls, but still lack motivation to make anything happen.
10. Prolonged Bachelorhood seems imminent.
11. I'm afraid of not being in school.
12. I'm slowly accepting (or anyway, it floats around in my head more now than ever) that there might not be an afterlife.
13. It might be possible that I can't ever really relate to other races, and vice versa.
14. I definitely don't think being in a band is the best thing in the world anymore. Nowadays, it's being a professional, fine arts gallery photographer.
15. I have problems with dudes, probably because I never really had a dad.

In closing, I have always lived off of the seat of my pants and will and continue to. Planning is for suckas.

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